INTERNET WEBINARS:  Please go to the Calendar for information about upcoming Bonnie's new webinar programs that bring together groups of 20 from around the world to learn more about non-dual awakening and kundalini experience. You may also email Bonnie at to be on her national mailing list and receive her newsletter of upcoming programs. Current webinars are AWAKENING AND EMBODIMENT, LIVING WITH KUNDALINI, AND TRAINING TO WORK WITH SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE/KUNDALINI AWAKENING

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING AND DISCUSSION GROUPS: At  Shanti River Center in Ashland, Oregon, Bonnie is available for counseling and consultation and also offers meditation and discussion groups and monthly Adyashanti video programs. To be on the email list for these southern Oregon  programs contact her at 

DOKUSAN:  Individual spiritual consultation and mentoring is available by email or phone.  This is offered in the form of 30-minute consults to discuss specific questions related to your spiritual process, and may be done on a one time basis or once a month, with scheduled appointments. A donation of $45 for a 30-minute phone consult is requested for this service.  

PHONE, SKYPE AND EMAIL ASSESSMENTS: Bonnie has been a consultant for people with spiritual issues for over 30 years.  She offers an in-depth consultation related to this process, which includes filling out a questionnaire that she sends you, that she uses to give you personalized suggestions and support. This service is $100, which includes any follow-up questions within the next month.  Please contact Dr. Greenwell by e-mailif you would like more information at You will also find helpful information about kundalini energy at  Go to to order her books "The Kundalini Guide" and "The Awakening Guide."

ZEN-SATSANG:  Meditation and dharma talks in Santa Cruz are available in Ashland, Oregon, and occasionally in Santa Cruz, California, as well as day-long silent intensives with dharma talks.  Special events will be listed under Schedule on the home pagewhen they are available. Send Bonnie an email to be on her national or international mailing list for occasional programs and book announcements.

CONSULTING: Dr. Greenwell is available to medical and counseling groups, psychotherapists and spiritual organizations to share her research and discuss methods of working effectively with those who experience kundalini awakening or other forms of spiritual emergence/emergency.

SEMINARS, LECTURES, AND TRAININGS: Currently Bonnie is available for presentations and lectures at conferences and universities, and for spiritual and clinical organizations. 

BLOG SITE: Use the blog connection on this site to ask questions that Bonnie will respond to. See



DISCLAIMER: Please know that any services you receive by phone or email, and any information on this site does not substitute for medical or psychiatric evaluation or services. People respond to spiritual awakening experiences in many varied ways depending on their background and general health and the practices they have engaged in. The use of this site and information received through it is completely at the discretion of those who receive the information, and Dr. Greenwell does not accept liability for the success or failure of this advice.