Many people begin a spiritual search by opening books or seeking teachers who can help them find an answer to the mystery of spiritual realization. I know, I opened many such books and sought out many teachers. Today, I understand that the Truth is actually very simple. And books are simply ways in which the mind elaborates, theorizes, compares, evaluates and plays with possibilities, calling them concepts and fact, and training other minds to do the same.

So here is a “conceptual” framework for Truth for you to consider from one non-dual perspective, a perspective from the position of the Oneness you seek.

There is only One thing happening.

You are that – this thing that is happening through all the planets and all the dimensions and all the universes.

You don’t know it because you have been standing in the wrong place, in your thoughts.  You stand there because that is where you were taught to stand.

Spiritual awakenings happen often, and in many ways, because the core of the human being has a direct link to its source. The dance of our lives, whatever the individual dramas may be, is this source moving. You cannot see the nose and the mouth and the eyes on your face because they are too close to your line of vision. Likewise, humans fail to see what they really are because they become entangled with what is perceived by the senses, thoughts, and emotions, instead of realizing who it is that animates those perceptions. We are too close to our own awareness. If we are willing to consider we do not know who we are, we can take a first conscious step to the discovery.

When you are called to know the Truth you face many challenges, such as going against the mainstream culture, facing your conditioning and patterns, abandoning your addiction to your belief system, and releasing your attachments, desires, and the illusion that you are in control of things. This is why so few people start this journey, even if life is trying to force it upon them, and why even fewer bring it to completion.

If you do engage this journey consciously it is easy to become sidetracked by the phenomena that accompany a deep psychic change, and even more likely the ego will identify with a new spiritual life, and build a new set of beliefs, conditioning and expectations. These continue to block your ability to recognize that your personal experience of consciousness is the gateway into the universal Truth you are seeking.

None of these patterns, delays, side-trips or practices of the temporal or spiritual life are wrong. From the point of view of the source nothing about you or your life could possibly be wrong. It is life flowing and every piece of itself will eventually return to itself. If not now, in some other moment, you cannot avoid becoming free, because basically you already are. And if you want freedom more than anything else it can only happen by completely giving yourself up to the source now. Whenever that now comes for you, there will be a glimpse of Truth and the source will, either suddenly or gradually, reclaim itself through you.

Enlightenment is not the end of spiritual experiences, or revelations, or insights, but it is the end of caring about them. It is not the conclusion of the awareness of the mystery, but the joyful participation in it.

The most important part of this truth is that you will not benefit in any way from knowing it by reading about it here, or anywhere else. It is only of value as a direct experience. Every spiritual teacher knows this, and realizes they can offer only pointers or practices, according to their style and experience. They can’t teach it, and they can’t guarantee results. That’s the bad news! The good news is that since you are already that, you have all that is needed to discover it, if you will just let go of everything else.  We can use an awakened teacher as a model, an inspiration, or to receive a transmission of the energetics of awakening, but ultimately it is through  a return to autonomy that we find the Truth within ourselves.

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© Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D.